Friday, 1 February 2013

The Audi A3 Sportback, voted What Car? Car of the year 2013

The latest exclusive model from Audi, the A3 Sportback’s executive design features have been intended to break the mould. The sharp lines sweep over the car starting at the hexagonal single-frame grille and rectangular front fog lights, all the way back past the low profile C-pillars to the aerodynamic rear spoiler, resulting in a razor-sharp, dynamic look. This agile and athletic style represents the drive of the car perfectly, which is similarly agile and responsive. The practicality of the A3’s interior further adds to the car’s appeal; thanks to clever use of space, there is more than enough room for five people to be seated comfortably, as well as 380 litres of boot space to accommodate all of your luggage. The interior is not only functional but also relaxing; the use of luxurious materials on the seats ensures you and your passengers are always comfortable.

A wide range of engines is available with the Sportback, each of which has excellent fuel economy and low CO2 emissions, but doesn't compromise on power. To accompany your choice of engine there is a range of gearboxes, each one tailored to efficiently convert the engine’s power into movement. Advanced Stop/Start technology on the A3 Sportback turns off the engine when not in use and instantaneously starts it back up when you move away. This drastically reduces the fuel you use as well as the CO2 you emit, limiting your driving costs and your impact on the environment. The new Drive Select system on the A3 allows you to drive the car how you want to. Different setting can be selected to match your driving style as well as the conditions, ensuring the best drive in all situations.

The technology available on the A3 Sportback includes Bang & Olufsen speakers, advanced sat nav to get you anywhere you want to go in Europe, and mobile phone capabilities that not only work with your phone’s systems, but also enhance them through the car’s aerial. Each of these systems enhances your driving experience and is state-of-the-art. The same can be said of the safety features on the A3, each of which help to reassure and protect. Advanced driver assists (ABS, ESP etc.), adaptive lights, and active lane assist are just a few of the features that ensure your drive is as safe as possible in any conditions.

The Audi A3 is available at the beginning of 2013. To find out more or to arrange a test drive, please contact your Audi dealership, where our friendly staff will help you with all of your queries.

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