Wednesday, 20 February 2013

New Volvo V40 Cross Country

Finding a pragmatic and reliable cross country vehicle that remains a joy to drive is easier said than done, but at Torque Auto we think that Volvo has hit the bull’s-eye with the new V40.

Your rough terrain needs are accounted for in the V40’s rugged design. The vehicle’s conventional Scandinavian style is enhanced by durable body-panels and bigger wheels, and an increased drive height helps to protect the car from bumpy roads. The All Wheel Drive system enables the driver to remain in control when conditions get tough, and it perfectly compliments the car’s exterior functionality to maintain balance and stability, whatever the weather. Hill Descent Control prevents the Volvo V40 from slipping or increasing speed against the driver’s will when navigating steep declines, and it allows you to focus on the thrill of the ride rather than worrying about the drop.

Volvo’s aim is to counterbalance a tough exterior with a comfortable interior, and the result is impressive. Ergonomically arranged seats ensure that there is plenty of legroom for all passengers, and an abundance of cargo space makes the Volvo V40 a great holiday car. The seats are finely shaped to support the body of the occupant, ensuring that the ride is smoother and more relaxed than ever before. The juxtaposed functional exterior and luxury interior is one of our favourite Volvo V40 features, as it creates a sought-after balance between off-road enjoyment and comfy style.

A similar harmony is established between power and efficiency in the Volvo V40’s engines. No two drivers have the same style, and the new V40 includes a range of three petrol and two diesel engines to give excellent variation of choice. Leaky fuel consumption has long been the bane of cross country car manufacturers, but the V40’s engines can achieve of up to 80.7mpg combined, allowing for an affordable drive to the furthest depths of the wilderness. Speed and smoothness is assured by tailored five-speed or six-speed gearboxes, and manoeuvrability is fluid for a car of such functional design.


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