Thursday, 20 December 2012

Winter Driving Tips this Chirstmas

Driving during the winter weather can make conditions unpredictable and dangerous. Essential Travel, one of the UK’s leading airport parking and travel insurance provider have created a Drive Safe Campaign – it’s made up of winter driving tips, winter kits, snow chains, exclusive discounts and a range of prizes to be won,

Some of some of the expert winter driving tips include:

  1. Prepare Your Car – It is advisable to have your car fully serviced but there are a number of checks you can do yourself. Lights, indicators, wiper blades, de-mister and brakes should all be in working condition. Winter screen wash and anti-freeze should be topped up and the battery should be fully charged.
  2. Stock Up on the Essentials – Anti-freeze, de-ice spray and an ice scraper should be basics in your car for the entire winter period. It is also worthwhile to keep a winter car kit in the boot, it can save your life if you find yourself stranded in the snow, a winter kit should contain a torch, shovel, traction mats, a reflective vest, water, blankets and jumper cables. There are a range of winter kits on the market for all budgets.
  3. Adjust Your Driving - Simple acts like braking, slowing down and speeding become dangerous during bad winter weather. Avoid harsh braking, rather slow down by decelerating. Move away in a higher gear to avoid tyres losing traction with the ground.  Increase gaps between you and the vehicle in front as stopping distances are 10 times greater in bad weather.  Signal early to allow those behind you to respond safely.
  4. If You’re Travelling This Winter – If you’re going away and plan to park at the airport it is imperative you pre-book your parking space. You’ll save up to 60% on the turn up rate and guarantee yourself a spot. Especially convenient during the winter is the Meet and Greet service. A chauffeur will meet you outside the terminal and drive your car to a secure car park and will drive it back to meet upon your return.   


These are some great tips for driving safely in bad weather, we just published an Ebook on winter driving and recommend that you also check your tyres while preparing for a Winter Drive. In particular ensure the pressure is correct and that the tyres aren't worn and the tread is is in good condition.

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