Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Ford C-MAX becomes the fastest selling hybrid at launch

The new Ford C-MAX has broken all records to become the fastest selling hybrid car at launch, scooping up a staggering 8,030 sales in its first full two months of sales in October and November.

A close second comes from the launch of the Toyota Camry Hybrid launched in 2006 with sales of 7,300 in its first two months. The new Ford C-MAX hybrids also are selling three times faster than the combined sales for the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight when launched in 2000.

"Dealers are seeing an overwhelmingly positive response to C-MAX hybrids and are excited to finally take on Prius, with some offering comparison test drives right on their lots," comments C.J. O'Donnell, group marketing manager, Electrification. "Our customers also are excited to have a fresh hybrid option, with leading fuel economy that does not sacrifice driving fun, performance and technology - choices typically not offered with hybrids."

Can Ford win the hybrid race? Post your thoughts below!


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