Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Think you can sell yourself? Sell a BMW

Think you can sell yourself? Sell a BMW
11/5/2012 12:00:00 AM

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There aren't too many jobs out there that carry an air of respectability, plus an acceptance that the role requires in-depth knowledge. A career as a sales executive with a BMW dealership offers this and much more, however.
It used to be the fact that politicians and bankers were held in high regard, but today, after numerous high profile scandals and economic disasters neither of these careers guarantees a good standing with the general public, in fact it could be quite the opposite.
By contrast there are other occupations which have flipped the other way. Today being a sales executive for BMW in a contemporary modern dealership is about as far away from the old 'Arthur Daley' stereotype as you could possibly get.
The benefits of working for one of the world’s most respected brands are apparent immediately after you walk into a BMW showroom. The reputation for excellence in manufacturing and quality has been hard won over many years and is maintained in no small part by the role that BMW Sales Executives play.
When it comes to a brand such as BMW, the qualities that make successful Sales Executives are many and varied, but mainly revolve around a few simple core values.
Being responsible for every aspect of the sales process means that a BMW salesperson needs to be an expert on every model in the range, as well as the ability to carry themselves in such a way as to be an ambassador for the brand itself.
Working with the public is not something everybody is suited for and being able to listen to their individual needs and pair them with the ideal vehicle solution that fits their requirements is a rare skill.
Of course, an ability to sell something often comes down to being able to sell yourself to the customer, creating a relationship that instantly lays a grounding of trust based on a friendly and knowledgeable manner.
BMW Sales Executives are quite literally at the forefront of the industry, offering brand new vehicles that are at the cutting edge of development and which utilise every aspect of contemporary motor car technology.
Not only do customers rely on you for your in depth knowledge, but as a successful sales executive you will be working alongside like-minded individuals who will respect your own professionalism and help you develop your talents and career in a positive team-based atmosphere.
Finding out more about vacancies at BMW dealerships is an easy and simple process and you can apply online in a few short steps. Our website covers the whole range of the UK retail network via a straightforward 4 step process with an online questionnaire and application form.
Successful applicants receive all the training they need to be fully up to date with their knowledge at our BMW Group Academy UK and of course the salary and remuneration package reflects the quality of those we accept to become part of the team.
So what are you waiting for? Kick start your sales career with BMW today .


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