Monday, 23 July 2012

The new Mazda MX 5 coming to UK

Mazda is hard at work designing its new MX 5, which promises a design and feel that harks back to the original MX 5 from the 1980s. The new model, which is expected on UK shores towards the end of 2012, has undergone an impressive redesign that’s intended to improve performance and handling, as well as offering drivers a thoroughly modern vehicle that’s at the top of the style stakes.

One of the standout changes of the new MX 5 will be the front bonnet design, which is designed not only to improve aerodynamic performance, but also to keep pedestrians safer. The innovative ‘active bonnet’ design automatically raises the trailing edge of the bonnet when impact with a pedestrian is detected. Also included is enhanced leg protection to make sure that any pedestrians hit by the new MX 5 will stand the best chance of walking away as unscathed as possible.

The new MX 5 will feature an exciting vacuum brake-booster, designed to optimise brake return control – particularly useful when braking upon entering a curve. The brake-booster is complemented by the new acceleration control, which kicks in when the driver accelerates after using the brake on a corner. The two features work in harmony to make braking more controllable, faster and smoother, giving drivers the most comfortable and enjoyable ride possible.

Inside, the new Mazda MX 5 will be a paragon of style and excellence, offering owners a sophisticated interior experience that they’ll love to be seen in. In addition, the steering wheel spokes have been redesigned to give the cabin a coordinated and uniquely chic feel. There’ll still be all the interactivity and easy-to-use controls that you’d expect from a Mazda, with an overall interior and exterior style finish that’s not unlike the car’s immediate coupĂ© competitor models from MINI, Fiat and Chrysler.

The new MX 5 promises to be the top choice for drivers who want iconic style and fantastic handling when coasting down country lanes or navigating urban streets – although it’s still adept at tackling longer journeys and main roads. Get your hands on a new Mazda MX 5 when it hits the Essex Mazda forecourt at the end of this year.  


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