Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The New Mercedes A Class - a luxurious alternative

If you are interested in the New Mercedes A Class then I would highly recommend visiting a Mercedes dealership to take the new A Class for a test drive around your local area. I recently did this and, by the end of the test drive, I was certain that it was the car for me and I purchased one immediately.

The New Mercedes A Class is a new offering from Mercedes that is designed to target younger buyers, and to compete with cars such as the VW Golf and Audi A3. My first impression of the New Mercedes A Class was that it has a very low roofline and detailed creases on the side of the vehicle. This makes this car look very sporty and it has one of the best exteriors of any Mercedes on the market.

The New Mercedes A Class is available with a range of engines including a diesel that produces emissions of less than 100g/km, which is the very first Mercedes to do so. There is also a 2.0 litre turbo version that produces 208bhp, called the A250. I chose to purchase the diesel version because of its low emissions, as I am a very environmentally conscious person and I am worried about our effect on the planet.

The New Mercedes A-Class is a pleasure to drive with handling that is both sharp, direct and also effortless. This makes this car a very good motorway cruiser but it is also good for nipping around town. The suspension does a great job of dampening the bumps in the road and the seats are so comfortable that you could probably get a good night’s sleep in the driving seat. The noise dampening is also very effective inside the cabin and you can barely hear anything from the outside.


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