Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The importance of social media to franchise dealerships

Ford dealers are ten a penny these days, so what sets these common dealerships apart and how do they survive in such a saturated Marketplace? Torque Auto looks at why these dealerships still operate and how they make a profit, we wrote here about the UK automotive economy on the up, they're governed by Ford so they can't undercut each other, can they?

No, in a nutshell.

Ford dealerships have a pre-determined location based target market. A contractual agreement between the dealerships and Ford, limiting their marketing and advertising reach and their marketing communications are heavily dictated by Ford.

Ford dealerships now tend to be owned by a dealership group. The benefits here being obvious, if one location is performing badly, another can help prop it up however, this is not a fufilling business strategy.

The only focus of franchise dealerships should be customer service and relations - thus why Social Media is so important. Would anyone care to disagree?


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