Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Fiat Punto 2012

The new Fiat Punto 2012 will be rolling out this year, can Italys top selling car marque continue the success it has enjoyed since it first launched in 1993? Aesthetically, the new model has a new body painted bumper incorporated into the design, with indicator lights placed at either side. The 15” alloy wheels have been updated with a new design, and the interior upholstery fitted with new fabrics. The bumper changes the overall look of the Punto, which is mostly visual on first appearances; however, the original Punto shape is still heavily recognisable.

The engine comes in three ranges, MultiAir and TwinAir for the petrol models, and Multijet supplied by the Diesel offering. Across the board new energy-saving and fuel efficiency measurements have been put in place, including Stop/Start technology and Gear Shift indicator, informing you when best to change gear, for maximum fuel preservation and thus lowered CO2 emissions. The Diesel model is particularly noteworthy, offering a record breaking 90g/km CO2 output.

Available in 13 unique colours, one being a dedicated ‘Energetico Green’ for the TwinAir model, you could do a lot worse than choosing a new  2012 Fiat Punto this year. Book a test drive today at your local Fiat dealer and let me know your thoughts. More Fiat news later in the week when we analyse the Fiat-Chrysler merger.


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