Friday, 10 February 2012

Fiat 500L Builds on Success

The Fiat 500 has been one of the company’s most successful models, and it’s not hard to see why - they look good, they’re cheap to run and they hold their market value well. It would be an obvious choice for any first-time car buyer and should definitely be on most potential purchases list. However, if you’re buying a car to haul the family all over the country every day, it’s not the most practical of choices, (although try it, Torque AUTO really like the Fiat 500), but if you’re not wanting to go down that road, Fiat has and answer and it comes in the shape of the Fiat 500L – the ‘L’ standing for large.

The 500L boasts five doors and measures in at 4,140mm long, 1,780mm wide and 1,660mm high. Plenty big enough for the family, and let’s hope all the positives of the original model.  Cited as a cross between an SUV and an MPV, Fiat are really looking to pull together all the benefits of the different sized cars on the market and package them up onto an already solid base.

The 500L will be officially revealed at the Geneva Motor Show next month, and if we were a gambling man, we’d bet Fiat have another success on their hands -best to register your interest early at your local Fiat dealer before they fly off the forecourt.


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