Thursday, 26 January 2012

Volvo V60 Hybrid

Clear concious and a serious rebate.

This, is the new Volvo V60 Hybrid, and if you buy one, the government will give you £5000. Thats not a bad start is it? It is of course qualifying for the government grant due to its electric motor parked in the back of the car, and when used only in 'Pure' driving mode, has a theoretical electric-only range of up to 32 miles. Hang on though, this car can also get off the grid, with 0-62mph time of 6.2sec in 'Power mode', this is all looking rather promising.

The logo inspired dasboard of the V60.
Hybrid mode is the default-operating mode for the V60 D6. Volvo claims this mode best blends the hybrid system’s environmental and performance capabilities. It is in this mode where the 49g/km CO2 figure was recorded using the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) standard tests.

In Hybrid mode, Volvo quotes a theoretical range of 746 miles. A full recharge of the batteries takes between 3.5 hours and 7.5 hours depending on the amperage of the power source. While recharging, it is also possible to pre-heat or cool the cabin to prevent the car using unnecessary charge on these tasks when on the move. The battery can also be pre-conditioned to its optimum working temperature, too, thus maximising the electric-only range.

Until we can utilise electric motors more, this is the perfect solution depending where you stand on electric vehicles. The power and performance of a regular car and the economy, efficiency and low CO2 emissions of an what electric cars claim to be offering, Internally the car provides all the latest mod-cons, with a swish, futuristic dashboard display.

The new Volvo V60 Hybrid is a great move from Volvo and looks to be a genuinely decent offering if you're looking for an electric car. Book a test drive today at your local new car dealer and find out for yourself.


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