Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Contract Hire, the Answer to Modern Day New Car Ownership?

Peace of mind and sustainability

Contract hire may only be the only solution to modern day new car ownership. With the average household debt in the UK being over £50,000, purchasing a new car at £20,000+ is becoming out of reach to many UK households. Contract hire looks to be a sustainable and beneficial solution. A new car every three years or so, manageable, consitent monthly payments and servicing options thrown in.

As time becomes more and more of a precious commodity, the less hassle offering is becoming more attractive by the day. I recently went to buy a new (used) car, I hadn't though of contract hire and leasing before, but now i'm starting to wonder whether to sell my 5+ year old car and swap it for a brand new one on contract hire. The benefits seem pretty clear to me, and the thought of getting a new car in three years time is also rather appealing. With everything becoming more obsolete more quickly these days, technological advancements and the onset of electric cars, in three years time it's doubtful i'll be able to afford a new electric one if I keep the car I have, and I may end up feeling very bad about my carbon footprint.

I'll look to blog about electric cars in the near future once i've done my research, and coupled with that i'll make a decision about contract hire. What are your thoughts?


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