Monday, 30 January 2012

The Changing Face of Car Dealerships

Is the Internet the answer to the downturn woes of the car industry? 
Recently I was looking to purchase a new (used) car. I've always thought of this process of rather treacherous.  You go into your local car dealership, just to browse, end up coming out with something you can't afford and has no practical use to you, because the salesman is too good at his job. This time, with an ankle in cast and strenuous activities being limited, (yes this would be classed as strenuous), I sat at my computer and looked at what it could offer me, I actually had no idea whether you could buy a car or if they delivered, now that would be handy.

A quick Google search for 'cars for sale bournemouth' bought up a whole host of results from various new and used car dealerships, websites where you can upload a picture of your car and sell it through the internet, car leasing websites, the list goes on. Navigating to some car dealerships I recognised the name for, what struck me first is the level of professionalism and the quality of design of these websites. Easy to navigate, and with easy, clearly defined options. Within 10 minutes I had booked 4 test drives, enquired about finance, made an offer on a used car that looked exactly what I wanted and slowly drank a cup of tea. No annoying salesman in sight.

Yes the internet may be dehumanising the planet, but it sure is making life easier.


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